Request for services: Moving from tactical towards strategic HR practices of IT sector in BiH

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Kolektiv d.o.o make up the consortium for MarketMakers – a project supported by the Swiss government. The project aims to create jobs for over two thousand five hundred young women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in four economic sectors – IT, food production and processing, tourism, and business process/professional services outsourcing. MarketMakers’ second phase began in June 2017 and runs for four years until May 2021.

This request for services (RfS) refers to MarketMakers’ Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) work, specifically in exploring the potential for promoting more strategic, inclusive and diversity-focused HR policies and practices in the IT sector.  


Main scope of work and principal activities 
The main tasks of the service provider will include three types of capacity development activities to the HR Managers of five BiH-based IT companies:
A. Creation of the training programme and related materials (June - July 2019)
It is expected that the service provider, with the assistance of MarketMakers and its partners, gathers all relevant information which will be used in designing and shaping the training. The topics of interest that should be covered through training and knowledge/practice exchange activities should be based on the inputs received from the selected BiH IT companies through the preparatory meeting (organised by the service provider) and accompanying activities such as email exchange, questionnaire(s), and alike.
At the highest level, the content is expected to focus on the development of Employee Value Proposition for attracting and retaining diverse talent, seeking also to align this with everyday business practices, companies’ growth strategies, and organisation values. Thus, there is expected to be a special focus on integrating diversity management and strategic human resource management.
B. Training delivery and knowledge/practice exchange (July – September 2019)
Based on inputs received by the participating IT companies, the service provider should articulate a detailed plan for the preparatory pre-training phase, training delivery, and the post-training ‘HR Manager coaching’ phase. The service provider should then execute the plan and deliver the training.
During the training, the service provider should equip the participating IT companies with the relevant HR tools for achieving and assessing progress towards strategic HR and diversity management objectives.
Note: the training itself should take place in Bosnia & Herzegovina (most likely Sarajevo) and should last no longer than one working week.
C. Remote/distant coaching support to the HR Managers in establishing/improving company HR practices (September – November 2019)
Upon training completion, the service provider will provide gentle coaching to each participating company through a ‘post-training period’. In this period, the five companies will choose up to three areas for strategic HR improvement (of most importance to them) and set about trialling a new set of associated policies and practices drawing on the knowledge gained through the training. As mentioned above, the service provider is expected to, wherever possible, mainstream the principles of diversity and inclusion throughout the topics and subjects of interest. These “HR experiments” – resulting in operational changes in the conducting of strategic HR and diversity management at the company-level – will take place with the remote guidance/support of the service provider.
Please note that a small number of university lecturers will be invited to audit the training to maximise the likelihood that good strategic HR and diversity management practices will both get back into academia (for training future HR Managers) and therefore spread beyond the five participating IT companies. 


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