Two panel conferences on the topic of "Incoming tourism" held at Sarajevo and Bihać

The tourism sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina has recorded significant development over the last few years, and is considered to be the fastest growing sector. The B&H's tourism potential has been recognized by many countries, such as Switzerland, which through the MarketMakers project, supported by Swiss government,  has greatly contributed to the development of this sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


During the panel conference 'Challenges and Perspectives for the Development of Incoming Tourism in the Sarajevo Region', which took place on May 10th, 2017, the results of the projects implemented in Hercegovina and Krajina were presented. The focused in the past three years was on the toursim product development, sales and promotion initiatives of Hercegovina as destination, and advocacy for private public partherships and for bringing low cost carriers (LCC) to Mostar airport.


Panel discussions participants focused on the challenges of the private sector for the development of incoming tourism and opportunities for creating favorable environment for its development.  The models of B2B were presented by Turkish Airlines with significant results all over the world. The event was organised in partnership with Centotours travel agency for around 150 participants.


After Sarajevo region, the results of the MarketMakers project in Herzegovina and Krajina were presented at panel conference 'Bihać region – Course for Development of Incoming Tourism', held in Bihać, on May 24th 2017. The organisation of the event was carried out with the Tourism cluster Una, and constrains and opportunities for growth in that Region were discussed by private and public players in front of more than 80 participants. The news about the event was published by 17 tv, radio and portals.


The result of these two conferences was constructive discussion of the models of improvement in the fastest growing business sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the presentation of business models that had excellent results in Herzegovina and Krajina. With these conferences, the project MarketMakers marked the end of its activities in the tourism sector that were planned in the first phase of the project. Starting from June this year, the activities of the second phase of the project will start, while some of the activities will continue to be related to the tourism sector in BiH.


The panel conferences were organized by the 'MarketMakers' project and partners, supported by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by the consortium Kolektiv d.o.o. (Posao.ba) and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.